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Our Goals and Objectives

The Funder Alliance’s strategic plan sets top-level goals that break down its mission into more specific issues where the Funder Alliance can set clear objectives:

Objective 1: Increase employer involvement and investment in work-based learning.

Objective 2: Increase employer investment in incumbent worker training.

Objective 1: Increase the use of shared data systems and alignment around metrics.

Objective 2: Increase systems alignment around career pathways.

Objective 3: Increase employer hiring from the workforce system.

Objective 1: Reduce the incidence of wage theft.

Objective 2: Increase the Number of Pioneer Employers.

Objective 3: Reduce discrimination barriers to entry-level jobs.

Types of Initiatives We Support

The Funder Alliance supports three types of initiatives to advance its goals and objectives:

Helping employers work together towards shared workforce goals, leading to changes in employer policies, behaviors and budgets.

Empowering workforce agencies, advocates and institutions to build a better regional career pathway system; focused on equity, driven by data, and delivering results for workers, businesses and communities.

Increasing access to quality jobs by supporting worker advocacy and co-investing with businesses in win-win solutions for themselves and their employees.

Initiatives We Support

Reimagine Retail

Reimagine Retail Chicagoland is a collaborative workforce development initiative [...]

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