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Our Priorities and Goals

The Funder Alliance’s strategic plan sets top-level goals that break down its mission into more specific issues where the Funder Alliance can set clear objectives:

Goal 1: Expand work-based learning across sectors

Goal 2: Increase incumbent-worker pathways for frontline workers

Goal 3: Foster hiring and job re-design choices that increases access to quality jobs

Goal 4: Increase public, private and philanthropic funding for high quality workforce development.

Goal 5: Reduce workforce development barriers created by the social determinants of wealth.

Goal 6: Increase alignment of the workforce development system through authentic collaboration.

Goal 7: Increase investments in worker-led organizations, practice models and movements.

Goal 8: Establish worker rights and empowerment as integral to workforce development.

Goal 9: Advance public policy that increases worker power

Goal 10: Increase the engagement of the Alliance’s Management Committee members

Goal 11: Increase the quality and frequency of CWFA connections to stakeholders

Goal 12: Increase the Alliance’s capacity to prioritize initiatives, and manage internal operations

Types of Initiatives We Support

The Funder Alliance supports three types of initiatives to advance its goals and objectives:

Helping employers work together towards shared workforce goals, leading to changes in employer policies, behaviors and budgets.

Empowering workforce agencies, advocates and institutions to build a better regional career pathway system; focused on equity, driven by data, and delivering results for workers, businesses and communities.

Increasing access to quality jobs by supporting worker advocacy and co-investing with businesses in win-win solutions for themselves and their employees.

Initiatives We Support

Past Initiatives

Work-Based Learning Information Sessions

 The Funder Alliance produces an on-going series of information sessions on a variety of work-based learning programs. The four initial sessions were co-hosted with College and Career Access, Persistence and Success (CCAPS) and included an introduction to our Apprenticeship 2020 fund, Boot Camps 101, Expanding Diversity and Increasing Equity in Trades Apprenticeships and Policies in our local Apprenticeship system.

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