Apprenticeship 2020 is a new $3.2M fund to accelerate efforts to scale high-quality work-based learning programs in Chicago. Local and national foundations including JPMorgan Chase,, The Joyce Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust, Pritzker Traubert Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and others, have launched this collaborative effort, in partnership with employers and other stakeholders to test new solutions and develop infrastructure to build capacity and accelerate the growth of non-traditional apprenticeships.

The Funder Allliance both invests its own pooled resources in Apprenticeship 2020 as well as hosts the other pooled portions of the $3.2M fund.

Apprenticeship 2020 is partnering with the Chicago Apprentice Network, co-created by Aon and Accenture and the driving force behind scaling apprenticeships in the Chicago region, to address employer barriers in launching apprenticeships and other types of work-based learning models in high demand industries and occupations.

The Chicago Apprentice Network has developed a new apprenticeship playbook to help companies address skills and training gaps to provide under-represented groups access to jobs. Check out the playbook:

Effective earn-and-learn apprenticeship models are a combination of classroom learning and employer-site on the job training. These models explore new avenues for finding talent, including candidates from non-traditional sources and can enable the employer to be sustainable and successful.

Apprenticeship 2020 has made a $1.25M investment in City Colleges of Chicago to build its internal infrastructure to support employer relationships, recruit students to apprenticeship opportunities, and implement academic curriculum for apprenticeship and work-based learning programs. Visit their website for more information:

With a $250K grant, Apprenticeship 2020 will also expand the capacity of One Million Degrees, the only organization in Illinois providing the combination of pre-employment training, mentoring, and wrap around services to community college students, to support the new apprenticeship programs that will be launched at City Colleges of Chicago.

The Funder Alliance also aligns its work with the State of Illinois’ Apprenticeship framework, Apprenticeship Plus, and ensures that Apprenticeship 2020 fits into our State’s collective strategy.

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  • Apprenticeship Plus Flyer (PDF)
  • Apprenticeship Program: Quick Start Action Planner (PDF)
  • Online Tutorial Apprenticeship 101 Videos (PDF)