An Employment Social Enterprise (ESE) is a mission-oriented business that helps people acquire the job skills and experience they need to pursue a path of upward mobility and break cycles of poverty. ESEs have training programs to support individuals who are eager to enter the workforce but are facing barriers to accessing job opportunities. They act as a bridge between these workers and employment opportunities.

The “products” sold by ESEs vary. Some ESEs sell goods to the public, ranging from honey to woodwork, while others act as staffing agencies whose “products” are actually the services of qualified and trained workers who go through their programs.

You can support ESEs by purchasing their products and services, donating, and telling your family and friends about the ESEs you support.

Learn more about the growing number of ESEs in our Chicago ESE Directory.

Contact information for each ESE is provided at the bottom of their directory pages so you can explore partnership opportunities and offer your support directly to the ESE.

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